Hands Across the Border

December 16, 2017
7:30 AM - 7:30 PM.
Tijuana, Mexico

Jose Gutierrez & Vicky Abbott

Co-Chairs Rotary Club of West Covina Hands Across the Border

This international club event’s date is firm… Saturday 12/16/17.

Our club started this event in 1985 and after a lapse we are re-staring it.

Jose has chaired the event since the beginning. Through business contacts in Baja he established contact with the local Rotary Club Tijuana-Agua Caliente. The two clubs have worked together to distribute much needed items to 100-200 children (toys, clothes, etc.) and elderly (blankets, etc.), per year. In the beginning our club purchased items and transported them down to Tijuana. However, in recent years it became clear that the club in Tijuana could buy many more items for the same dollars; so now we contribute $ and they purchase the items.

A typical trip goes like this:

  • Leave West Covina: 7AM
  • Meet Tijuana-Agua Caliente club members: 10AM
  • Set up has already been done by the Tijuana-Agua Caliente club
  • Distribute items: 10:30-2
  • Attend Dinner thrown by Tijuana club: 3-6
  • Return to West Covina: 9PM


Slide show of the 2017 trip