Red Ribbon Rally

October 27, 2018
7:30 AM - 11:30 AM.
West Covina High School
David Alfaro, RCWC RRR co-chair

Congratulations to the Red Ribbon Rally committee for putting together another smash hit! The law enforcement groups had lots of demonstrations, sponsors got lots of traffic at their booths and the entertainment was outstanding. Oh yeah, the pancakes were excellent as normal.

 Don’t forget the Red Ribbon Poster Winner Dinner at WCHS Cafeteria Wednesday November 7th at 7pm ending at 8:30pm. 

Turnout was good given that everyone was exhausted from watching the Dodger game till 1AM!

We had a number of people stop by the booth to inquire about Rotary and several seemed interested in attending a lunch meeting as guest.

It was good to finally meet Lorraine Cardenas. She stopped by the booth, took some pictures to post to Facebook and enjoyed some fellowship with the members at the booth.

The video club of the high school will be making another video of the event. They will provide a copy and we can put it on our website/Facebook/Instagram pages.

Way to go Dave and the entire Red Ribbon Committee!!

Red Ribbon Rally 2017 West Covina High School Co-sponsored by West Covina Rotary Noon & Sunrise Clubs